The Osmotic Memory of J​.​J. Bhagee

by Drawing Virtual Gardens



J. J. Bhagee is a made-up person, and this is the sound of their memories.

Drawing Virtual Gardens introduced himself to the ambient scene with Six Weeks Was Too Long to Wait on the US-based label Time Released Sound with an album focused on the wait for the birth of his daughter. The Osmotic Memories Of J. J. Bhagee sees him stepping back from this intensely personal focus with a suite of pieces offering a more conceptual consideration of the themes of waiting, time, identity, and the transmission and retention of memories.

This is an intricate combination of billowing static and delicate guitar, flecked with field recordings gathered over the last 15 years. From the hazy recollections of Corpus Membrane Reverb to the sharp focus of Stealing A Sound Out Of The Tropic and the subterranean reverberations of Tatapatata, Drawing Virtual Gardens presents us with a hypnotic set of pieces, part fantasy, part sci-fi, endlessly alluring and ungraspable.
Drawing Virtual Gardens is David Gutman a US-born multi-instrumentalist who resides in Belgium. Gutman also performs as half of the dark ambient duo TROPIC OF COLDNESS.
"This is the ultimate essence of "The Osmotic Memories Of JJ Bhagee", that of a virtual reality encapsulated by the two different communications with the outside consisting of the descent and the final ascent to the present time, that of emotions and memories, so vivid, as fragile and exposed to resonant magnetic storms of oblivion."
MUSIC WON'T SAVE YOU (Translated from Italian)


released August 24, 2015

Tracks by David Gutman
Mastered by Jason Corder
Art by Gutman/Carr



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Flaming Pines London, UK

A label focused on experimental ambient music from Sydney, Australia but now based in London.

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