1. The Line Never Held
    Dan Whiting

  2. Topology Of Figments
    Siavash Amini + Zenjungle

  3. Tiny Portraits - Jacqueline George

  4. Tiny Portraits - aag

  5. Tiny Portraits - Josten Myburgh

  6. Tiny Portraits - 9T Antiope

  7. Herbs and Potions
    Gamardah Fungus

  8. Tiny Portraits - Foresteppe

  9. Tiny Portraits - Gamardah Fungus

  10. Tiny Portraits - Peter Terner

  11. Tiny Portraits - Sound Meccano + Jura Laiva

  12. Absence
    Compilation of Iranian experimental music

  13. Tiny Portraits - Siavash Amini

  14. Tiny Portraits - Zenjungle

  15. Tiny Portraits - Sound Awakener

  16. Tiny Portraits - Yuco

  17. The Osmotic Memory of J.J. Bhagee
    Drawing Virtual Gardens

  18. A m f i b i o n
    Artificial Memory Trace

  19. Memory
    J Butler

  20. Vanishing Point
    Arash Akbari

  21. Possession
    Corder Ritger Yantis

  22. A Changing Light
    Valiska and Zenjungle

  23. Overwintering
    Specta Ciera

  24. Two Suns Were Visible in the Sky
    Ross Baker

  25. Birds of a Feather 11-12
    Philippe Petit and Kate Carr

  26. Subtropical to Temperate Oceanic
    Kate Carr

  27. Wild Axe

  28. Birds of a Feather 9-10
    Seaworthy and Radio Cegeste

  29. Songs from a cold place
    Kate Carr

  30. A Convenient Place
    Fighting Lion

  31. Late Night Diving
    Rezo Glonti

  32. Birds of a Feather 7-8
    Marcus Fischer and Gail Priest

  33. Pastures
    Tim Bass

  34. Hovering
    Nektarios Manaras

  35. A Piece of Water
    Sashash Ulz

  36. Landing Lights
    Kate Carr

  37. Birds of a Feather 5-6
    Simon Whetham and Broken Chip

  38. I'm living with melancholy in the fog

  39. Tiny Portraits

  40. Birds of a Feather 3-4
    Darren McClure and The Green Kingdom

  41. Bythorne
    Michael Terren

  42. Blue Green
    Kate Carr and Gail Priest

  43. Birds of a Feather
    Porya Hatami and Michael Trommer

  44. Deterioration
    David Newlyn

  45. Return to New Caledonia
    Kate Carr

  46. Home
    Darren Harper and Jared Smyth

  47. Rivers Home 6-10

  48. "Aetherdrift, Do You Copy?"
    Seth Chrisman

  49. Rivers Home 1-5

  50. Burning Palms

  51. Summer Floods
    Kate Carr

  52. Listen to the weather


Flaming Pines London, UK

A label focused on experimental ambient music from Sydney, Australia but now based in London.

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