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Birds of a Feather 7​-​8

by Marcus Fischer and Gail Priest



A pest and a parasite are celebrated in the next two birds of a feather EPs by Portland's Marcus Fischer and Sydney's Gail Priest.

Either loved for their intelligence and eerie presence or hated for almost the same reasons, Fischer chose to commemorate the crow because the birds have come to play an important role in his life. ''…My family and I have made friends with a pair of crows. This particular pair sits on the telephone wires above our street and waits for us to come home. They watch us and we watch them. We've learned that they will caw four times to request food,'' Fischer says. His piece was recorded simultaneously inside and outside his music studio, with a microphone set up among the trees to capture the crows, and one inside to record Fischer's guitar playing.

On a very different note, The Common Koel a brood parasite is hard to ignore in Sydney, waking many a household in the early hours when it arrives in the country in about September. And its unappealing habits don’t end there. The koel is a brood parasite, laying its eggs in the nest of other birds, which are left to raise its demanding chicks. Gail Priest said she was interested in the bird because of both its unsavory reproduction strategies and its aesthetically awkward song. ''Taking lessons from the bird, the resulting piece explores infiltration, imitation and subjugation as strategies,'' she said.
Excerpts from The Crow and The Common Koel can be heard here

Tracks by Marcus Fischer and Gail Priest..
Mastered by 12k.


"Marcus Fischer is a dreamlord on the guitar, weaving lines like trees reaching for the sky. The hustle and bustle we often associate city crows with is dissolved with a setting sun, and we are able to enjoy the birds in a calm and natural setting... Fischer’s Crow is twenty minutes well spent and perhaps the most complete piece in the series for Flaming Pines." -- A Closer Listen on Fischer's The Crow

"The crispness of the field recording is only the beginning. The cawing sounds scary and dissonant but is soon enough coated in warm acoustic guitar drones. Everything feels serene, complete, positively streamlined..." -- Ambient Exotica on Fischer's The Crow

"You’ll never look at a cuckoo the same way after giving this your attention. And as if there were any doubt, at the track’s end, the koel will have the final say.'' - A Closer Listen on Priest's The Common Koel

"...Paganism is all over this piece, prolonged chirps sound like the abused souls of the bird, a dusky, crepuscular recalcitrance reigns, and once these structures fade out, this must be the end. Or is it?" Ambient Exotica on Priest's The Common Koel


released June 2, 2013


all rights reserved



Flaming Pines London, UK

A label focused on field recording, sound art and experimental ambient music.

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